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But again, we all have different definitions of what means. Only because I can’t remember what's happening in the rest of… That threesome episode, for example, was based off a true story that happened to one of [executive producer] Prentice [Penny]’s friends.I mean, I think sex is sex regardless of what your skin color is.HBO pays I don’t pay them and I don’t greenlight their shows, so I don’t fully know about [it].It definitely gives you a skillset of being able to adapt and read a room and finding ways to fit in.Dating to her could have meant exclusive versus dating to him could have just meant "hey, I’m over here on the weekend and we’re having a good time and if something happens it happens, but I’m not obligated to tell you," you know what I mean? It’s something in that storyline, I’ll put it that way. A lot of what you’re seeing these characters go through is something that either is a story one of the actors told in the writers’ room or one of the writers themselves told in the writers’ room.

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He still hasn't owned up to the part he plays in his own problems, but perhaps that self-awareness will come in Sunday night's finale.Regardless, he has the full support of the #Lawrence Hive, one of the most vocal factions of the I guess I didn’t think there was a debate.I think there was just a question of "are condoms being used by the characters on the show," and Issa did a great job of answering that.Derek saw something in that relationship that Lawrence didn’t see. You start to see that you may not care about [something] but to a woman you’re in a relationship with or sleeping with, it could mean a completely different thing.I think a lot of what Molly went through in her first season and dating [proves that].

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